Obafemi Fayemi

Obafemi Fayemi

Chief Oluwo of O.I.D.S.I.

Chief Oluwo Obafemi Fayemi Epega is a world-renowned Babalawo and the founder of O.I.D.S.I. (Obafemi Institute for the Divine & Universal Study of Ifa). He was initiated as a priest of Obatala in January 2004, and received his Tefa in February 2005 from the late Oluwo Dr. Afolabi Epega at the Epega Compound in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria. He strongly believes that the restoration and preservation of African divine sciences and traditions can restore psychological balance and personal empowerment to all people.

Born Stephen Benjamin Clark Mackey on December 30, 1957 in Houston, TX, Chief Oluwo Obafemi Fayemi Epega is the fifth child of Vivian and Fletcher Mackey, Sr., and the father of four boys: Stephen Jr., Corey, Sheldon and Jordan. Baba Femi is the author of the book entitled “Who is Sambo?”, and has also established a substantial YouTube presence for himself via Ifa-related lectures and classes over the years. He has been a diligent scholar of, as well as an active practitioner of Ifa for more than a decade. As a lecturer, teacher and healer, Baba Femi has facilitated Ifa workshops all over the world, including Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Europe and the Caribbean. He has been invited to share his knowledge and insight on countless radio shows, as well as on major university and college campuses. He has also participated as a panelist, in conjunction with prominent Black psychologists, in comprehensive discussions regarding the assessment and improvement of the mental and spiritual health of the Black community.

In addition to overseeing more than 400 ceremonies and rituals, Baba Femi has either directly facilitated, or served as the principal liaison for the initiations of more than 50 Ifa and Olorisha priests. With the blessings of Olodumare, his ancestors, and Ifa, this life has allowed him to fully embrace and experience that which his heart has chosen. He is proud to be an African American man, native Houstonian, descendant of slaves, priest of Ifa, teacher, author, mentor, son, a friend to many, a loving husband, and most importantly, an honorable father.

Other Courses

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
Creation O.I.D.S.I. Course: Creation 1:11:31 April 9, 2019
Ori O.I.D.S.I. Course: How the Ori Came Into Existence 1:45:58 April 8, 2019
Ori2 O.I.D.S.I. Course: Ori & the Human Experience 1:13:56 April 7, 2019
Priest of Olodumare O.I.D.S.I. Course: The Ministers and Priests of Olodumare 51:29 April 4, 2019
Odu O.I.D.S.I. Course: The Esoterical Meaning Of Odu & How it come into Existence April 3, 2019
Odu 1 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Eji Ogbe – The Supporter 1:23:12 April 2, 2019
Odu 2 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Oyeku Meji – The Advertor of Death 50:09 April 1, 2019
Odu 3 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Iwori Meji – The Deep Seer 58:11 March 31, 2019
Odu 4 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Oracle: Idi Meji – The Seal 1:00:47 March 30, 2019
Odu 5 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Oracle: Irosun Meji – The Sounding Osun 1:07:47 March 29, 2019
Odu 6 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Owonrin Meji – The Reversed Head 1:04:35 March 28, 2019
Odu 7 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Obara Meji – The Rested & Hovering One 1:26:09 March 27, 2019
Odu 8 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Okanran Meji – The Beater of Sticks upon Mats 1:26:39 March 26, 2019
Odu 9 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Ogunda Meji – The Creator 1:06:43 March 25, 2019
Odu 10 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Osa Meji – The Runaway 43:54 March 24, 2019
Odu 11 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Ika Meji – The Controller 1:09:22 March 23, 2019
Odu 12 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Oturupon Meji – The Bearer 1:13:53 March 22, 2019
Odu 13 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Otura Meji – The Comforter, The Disrupter 1:10:47 March 21, 2019
Odu 14 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Irete Meji – The Crusher 1:22:33 March 20, 2019
Odu 15 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Ose Meji – The Conquerer 1:21:15 March 19, 2019
Odu 16 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Ofun Meji – The Giver 52:53 March 18, 2019
Odu 248 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Ose-Tura 1:17:58 March 17, 2019
Odu 17 & Odu 18 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Ogbe Yeku & Oyeku Ogbe 27:58 March 16, 2019
Odu 19 & 20 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Ogbe Iwori & Iwori Ogbe 20:56 March 15, 2019
Odu 21 & 22 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Ogbe Di & Idi Ogbe 15:43 March 14, 2019
Odu 47 & 48 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Oyeku Iwori & Iwori Yeku 14:14 March 13, 2019
Odu 49 & 50 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Oyeku Idi & Idi Yeku 16:03 March 12, 2019
Odu 75 & 76 O.I.D.S.I. Sacred Odu: Iwori Idi & Idi Iwori 18:02 March 11, 2019