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OIDSI pattern print
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Understanding the Fundamentals of Odu – A present day expanded definition and alternatives to working the first sixteen odu by Chief Obafemi Fayemi

OIDSI pattern print
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A journey of lessons reveals diversities, social stereotypes, and negative attitudes African Americans have toward one another. The core of the story revisit and understand the genesis of self-hate harbored deep within our minds. Who is Sambo? A Journey of Lessons offers an opportunity for blacks and non-blacks to view the conscious and unconscious self-hate African-Americans struggle; overcome in order to prosper and allow a genuine and sincere for self as well as others.

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OIDSI pattern print

With the host of knowledge accumulated over the years and his many travels, Chief Oluwo Obafemi Fayemi has written many books which are not available to the public. These books are geared towards those who have answered the call to take the journey of discovery of self and the study of nature, that is Ifa.

When one goes through ceremony, only then are these books made available.

If you would like learn more of have any questions please feel free to send us an email and we would be happy to answer.

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