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Get ready for the Ifa Festival!
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It's Time for Ifa Festival 2024!


Friday July 19th, 2024

@ 2pm-8pm

Meet/Greet & Dafa

*Beach attire is welcome!

*Food will be provided


Saturday July 20th, 2024


Osusa - Ancestor Reverence

*Bring your offering of Flowers or Fruit




Saturday July 20th, 2024

7pm-12 midnight


*All White Attire is Mandatory

*Additional parking can be found at the eye doctor across the street.

Sunday July 21st, 2024

@Time TBD

Ibofa & Kunle - Feeding Ifa

*African attire is welcome.

Gather with our cherished spiritual family from across the nation for a heartwarming meet and greet at Buckroe Beach, VA. Embrace the vibrant energy of the Ifa Festival as we come together to celebrate our shared spiritual journey, forge deeper connections, and revel in the bonds that unite us as one loving community.

It's time for a Bembe! Come out and feel the rhythm of the drums, dance, and let spirit move through you! Immerse yourself in the energy and joy of our spiritual community as we honor tradition and connect with the divine through movement and music.

**Additional Reminders:

TRANSPORTATION: If you need transportation while in town please reach out to Iyalode in advance @757-737-1719.

ACCOMMODATIONS: For accommodations, please focus your search on places near the Newport News/Williamsburg Airport. This will place you no more than 20 mins from all the festivities!

On the final day of the Ifa Festival, we come together to honor and nourish the sacred energies of Ifa through offerings and prayers. Join us as we gather to feed Ifa, seeking wisdom, guidance, and blessings for our spiritual community's journey ahead.

It's that time of year for us to come together and celebrate in true O.I.D.S.I style for our annual Ifa Festival!
This year, our host state Virginia has three days of family fun, ancestral reverence, and opportunities to connect with nature planned for us.
Come out and enjoy exploring the Newport News and Hampton VA area with your spiritual family!

All of our stories start here, at Fort Monroe, VA, where the first Africans were brought to America. In reverence of our ancestors we gather for day 2 of the Ifa Festival, with personal offerings of flowers or fruit, as we pay homage to those that paved the way, for us today.

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